New Ivy Moon

West College Princeton University, Princeton, ...

West College Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night’s new moon marked the beginning of  the Celtic month of ivy. The Ogham (Celtic tree alphabet) name is Gort (go-ert). This powerful evergreen teaches us about strength and endurance, death and immortality. Ivy’s strong shoots take hold in the smallest of cracks and hang on. The plant is known for covering the bricks of America’s oldest and most revered universities (the “Ivy League”). It frustrates homeowners by opening cracks in mortar and loosening bricks while it climbs high.

Ivy climbs the bark of trees, often taking over the entire plant, causing its death. The ivy, rooted in the earth, survives even long after its host has died, reminding us that life goes on.

A poultice made from ivy is said to steady the nerves.

The new moon is the time to begin things. It’s effects will be more powerful in the time of ivy, with its emphasis on resilience and rebirth.

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